Talent Management Tools include:


Performance Management helps you align the goals of your organization and workforce to maximize performance. Standardize positions across the company with set pay grades and performance goals. Then streamline the performance review process with online facilitation of employee self-reviews, manager reviews and even ‘360 reviews’ that improve workforce efficiency, productivity and engagement.


  • Build a comprehensive library of positions with required competencies and salary grades.
  • Group positions into families.
  • Assign performance goals by family, department, position or employee.
  • Establish approval tiers and rating scales for the review process.
  • Allow managers to create performance reviews and review periods and track the status of reviews with a Performance Review dashboard.
  • Run Competency and Development Goal reports.
  • Empower employees with the ability to access and electronically sign their reviews online


Position and Family Report — Capture a snapshot of all employees who belong to a selected position or position family.

Advanced Report Writer — Search for employees and filter their Performance and Compensation transactions.

Missing Performance Review Report — Paycom helps you simplify performance reviews. The Missing Performance Review Report enables you to search for employees who are not part of a Performance Review.

Compa-Ratio Report — Provides you with information on your employees’ salaries in comparison to their assigned salary grades to help ensure they are receiving equal pay for equal employment responsibilities.

Red Circle Report — Instantly determine which employees are above max compensation in Salary Grade.

Green Circle Report — Highlights which employees are below minimum compensation in Salary Grade.

Employee Compensation and Performance Report — This report cuts your Performance Review preparation in half. Filter and view single employee complete performance, compensation and PAF history.

Missing Compensation Report — Search and discover employees who do not have a compensation transaction in a given date range.


Compensation Budgeting from Paycom offers the industry’s only talent management tool with full pay data integration. With compensation and performance information in one system, you gain valuable workforce insight to help control salary budgets and ensure compensation increases are equivalent with contribution. Automatically updating payroll when merit increases are set saves you valuable time and ensures the accuracy of the changes.


  • Generate Compa-Ratio and Merit Budget reports.
  • Create a Merit Matrix with your Merit Budget, Performance Rating Scale and Compa-Ratios.
  • Adjust your Merit Matrix as needed including awarding lump sums.
  • Automatically upload new rates to payroll.


Employee Self-Service improves employee engagement by empowering your staff with the ability to self-manage certain transactions, obtain quick answers to frequent payroll and HR questions and access their pay history at any time. Performance goals and reviews are also available to keep them on track. Benefits information and PTO accruals give them the ability to make informed decisions regarding their benefit selections and time-off requests. Total compensation reports enable employees to comprehend the cost of their full compensation and benefits package.


  • Access pay rates, scheduled earnings and deductions and pay vouchers anytime.
  • Submit W-4s, I-9s and direct deposit forms securely.
  • Change contact information and have it automatically update throughout the system.
  • Punch a Web time clock or input hours into a Web timesheet.
  • Submit timesheet approvals.
  • Monitor PTO accruals and submit time-off requests.
  • Enroll in benefits with decision making tools like a sample paycheck with new deduction amounts.
  • Access, complete and sign performance reviews.
  • View employee's total compensation.
  • View details surrounding garnishment orders.


Executive Dashboard offers powerful workforce insight for executives to access on demand. Line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts display the executive’s choice of report information in a format that’s quick and easy to understand. Because Paycom offers the industry’s only all-in-one solution in a single database, the report data is comprehensive in providing the workforce intelligence needed to drive effective human capital decisions at an executive level.


  • Access a list of popular reports with quick links. Examples include Company Match Dollars, Employer Tax Burden, Accrual Dollars, Percentage Labor Distribution, Workers’ Comp Hours and more.
  • In addition to the quick links to reports, the default dashboard displays a pie chart of year-to-date Overtime Dollars by quarter, a line graph of monthly year-to-date Head Count and a bar graph of year-to-date Turnover.
  • Customize the dashboard with the executive’s choice of report information and if it is to be displayed in a data or graphical format.


Paycom Learning engages your workforce and formalizes training with a digital learning experience that can scale your training program as your business grows. It provides employees anytime, anywhere access to a central knowledge base where they can access content, share expertise and measure their professional development progress. Better training improves productivity, moves new hires to contributors faster and helps produce new leaders.


  • Create and deploy standardized content across your organization.
  • Incorporate training results in the performance review process.
  • Test employee knowledge with surveys and quizzes.
  • Create customized content utilizing videos, PowerPoints, quizzes, surveys and more.
  • Track the activity and success of your training program with a Learning Management dashboard and pre-defined reports that include course completion, pass vs. fail, employee progress, quiz statistics and courses per trainer.

If you can measure your payroll activity, you can manage it. Paycom helps you do just that with more insight into your information than any other provider. Our real-time Report Center offers the ability not only to report across all data stored in the system, but across multiple years and EINs, in a variety of formats, with the following types of payroll reports:

Pre-Defined Reports

  • Compensation Changes
  • Compa-Ratio
  • Employee Position
  • Green Circle/Red Circle
  • Incomplete Performance Reviews
  • Missing Compensation
  • Missing Performance Reviews
  • Performance and Compensation History
  • Performance and Compensation Transaction Search
  • Salary Grade
  • Compensation Budget Forecasting

Performance and Compensation Report Writer allows you to create custom reports for a more comprehensive and graphical analysis of your activity.

Push Reporting lets you set up recurring reports once and schedule them to automatically be run and sent to specific users daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

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