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Shelfware Calculator

All too often, companies lack the transparency, training and time needed to effectively deploy and manage HR technology solutions, so the products don’t achieve anything beyond collecting dust. This is called "shelfware."

How much do you spend on HR software annually



Tool Tip on average, large companies spend almost 10 percent of their HR budgets – Bersin by Deloitte

How much will that spend increase next year



Tool Tip 33% of organizations plan to spend up to and over 20%.

What percent of HR software would you say is underutilized in your organization



Tool Tip Research reports that several months after deployment, as much as 60% of functionality is not being used.

Based upon what you entered above, here's what you could be losing over a five-year period


Tool Tip

Kick your shelfware to the curb and get all-in-one HR technology from Paycom: great software backed by real customer service.

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Discover the cost of manual processes

Investing in the right HR technology is important, but so is putting the right automated practices in place to maximize your ROI. In this executive summary, learn more about the risks of costly manual processes and how HR technology should protect your company.

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