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HR and payroll software for the education industry

A user-friendly HR software to hire, engage and train your staff

HR software built for education

With our mobile-friendly HR and payroll app, your mission is clear: Make a lasting impact through the power of learning. You need user-friendly tech that frees you to focus on that mission by simplifying your HR tasks and empowering your team.

“Paycom allows us to readily analyze and provide data about new hires, turnovers, costs and other trends we’re seeing. Paycom is a partner that truly hears us. It evolves as we evolve.”

—CHRO, education nonprofit

HR tech that keeps your educational institution on course

The world of education is dynamic, and you need adaptable HR tech that shares your drive for progress. With our mobile-friendly HR and payroll app, employees have 24/7 access to view schedules, request PTO and complete training on the go. Through the same software, you have the tools you need to build your team, run perfect payroll and meet compliance challenges head-on.

HR tech’s meaningful impact on education

See how Paycom helped these educators

With Paycom’s Enhanced Background Checks® tool, this academy hired the qualified educators it needed to ensure the best education for its students.

—California charter school, 129 employees

By using Paycom’s recruiting tools, one university achieved full tuition revenue with a fully staffed university.

—California university, 269 employees

One public school district used Employee Self-Service® to minimize its back-office workload, freeing staff to focus on more strategic engagement projects.

—California public school system, 425 employees

Paycom’s Documents and Checklists tool helped build institutional knowledge for one school with streamlined process for best practices and procedures.

—New York private school, 170 employees

With the help of Paycom’s Ask Here, one educator created a culture of feedback for teachers, students and board members, driving retention overall.

—New York independent school, 416 employees

Through the use of Paycom's Government and Compliance tool, one school system mitigated compliance risks associated with certification management for its teachers and other staff.

—New York private school, 429 employees

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3 ways to grow your educational mission

Beti® and HR Management

Manage all your organizational needs:

  • guided employee-driven experience
  • automated payroll processes
  • robust reporting
  • tracking for business continuity

Employee Self-Service®

Engage your workforce:

  • keep a finger on the pulse of your business in real time
  • instantly gauge workforce efficiencies gained through companywide HR tech usage
  • empower employees to take responsibility for data accuracy with 24/7 access to HR information

Talent Acquisition

Hire and onboard qualified talent:

  • comprehensive applicant tracking
  • seamless, mobile-friendly self-onboarding
  • customizable background screening
  • simple performance and compensation reviewing
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