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HR is not just another plug-and-play system; every organization is different. But our single software is so comprehensive, it allows you to manage all your payroll and HR functions from one place.

Scaling your HR software

Tech companies know all about scalability, but do your HR and payroll systems grow with you? Paycom’s single software does, letting you:

  • automate HR processes across the entire employee life cycle
  • eliminate manual tasks and data entry for more efficient, accurate operations
  • safely store all employee data in one secure database

Engaging your workforce

In today’s workplace, it’s essential for employees to feel engaged and constantly developed. Paycom’s talent management tools make it easy for you to:

  • create a library of positions, each with core skills, benchmarks, requirements and salary grades
  • offer employees anytime, anywhere access to monitor progress on their goals and performance
  • create and conduct pulse surveys for a better read on your environment
  • empower managers to approve employee timecards, expense reports and more essential tasks through their mobile device

Keeping up with change

The ever-changing tech cycle demands constant vigilance. Let Paycom outfit your operation with scalable, versatile software that grows with your workforce. Paycom can help you:

  • identify, hire and onboard top talent, with no data re-entry
  • let new hires self-onboard even before their first day
  • be quick and agile by tracking labor and management costs in real time
  • stay on top of benefits packages and compliance requirements

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